The Yeller Brick Trail

Heaven Knows the Struggling Bit-Player

by J'Tone

Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/18/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 114
ISBN : 9781434394132
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 114
ISBN : 9781434394156

About the Book

The Yeller Brick Trail This light-hearted story follows the fanciful, often ridiculous adventures of two naïve, unseasoned, stumbling, yet likeable entertainers, the Smenelli brothers. Though raised in a remote village in the wildest state in the union, Tony and Joe Smenelli have dreamed since childhood of becoming showbiz stars. In their attempts to break into the big-time, they often come face to face with celebrities of stage and screen. Their inexperience, haste and innate clumsiness, however, prevent their gaining kinder recognition. In this regard, The Yeller Brick Trail might be subtitled Heaven Knows the Struggling Bit-Player. But as the main title implies, (with enough Hootspa) fortune and possibilities beyond imagination await the worthy venturer. The Smenelli brothers are destined to represent the legions of lost, straw-legged, nervous, tin-headed hopefuls, including all of us who’ve ever followed a vision within ourselves and tried to go over the rainbow. Yet, once you’ve known their roots, shared in their struggles, and examined their hearts, I believe you’ll begin encouraging them along with their mom ---- “Break your legs, sons,” which is to say, “Give them all you got.” “They’ll love ya for it . . . regardless of all your shortcomings.” “We’ll do just that, Ma.” “And God bless everyone back home . . . including ole sour puss Pa.”

About the Author

A MOST EXTRAORDINARY AUTHOR International award-winning poet, playwright, senior chair and director of BRIARWOOD FILMS and HOLLYWOOD EAST STUDIOS J’Tone belongs to many groups, such as the International League for Human Rights, International Christian Visual Media Associates and Amnesty International. Known more by his nam d’plumes, Joe Costa and J’Anthon DaCosta, J’Tone has been published in magazines, periodicals, and has reported news first hand from overseas as a freelance journalist. J’Tone’s acting, theater and weightlifting interest began in his early teens when he was inspired by a popular neighbor Freddy Cocozza. In his early 20s while living in East Kensington, J’Tone sought Freddy’s help in another area. This time his dream was to become an actor. Thus inspired, he and his brother Donnie (Don Juan) bought a cheap Ford pickup and drove it along the old Route 66 across America to California. Along the way, with the old jalopy smoking so much that passing vehicles made gestures at the driver, it finally broke down just outside Kingman, Arizona. Fortunately, a good push sent the two travelers slowly but steadily downhill all the way to the Colorado River. There a border guard forced the car behind them to push them across the border into Needles, California. This experience was the inspiration for the book and future TV series “The Yeller Brick Trail”. J’Tone is a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. In what some would consider his sunset years, J’Tone continues to live an interesting and vibrant life. From actor, weight lifter, author, and researcher; he has done it all. His life has taken him to many places and his experiences have given him the knowledge that has made him who he is. J’Tone has touched many lives through his concern for others. He is very proud of all his family, but the backbone of his accomplishments is due to the love and support of his lovely wife, Doreen Costa.