The Big Apple Turns Brown When You Slice It

Selected Poems and Short Stories of My Nuyorican Culture

by Jenny Terrero Rivera



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/30/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781403311276

About the Book

This book taught me to laugh and to recognize that my childhood did include good, wholesome, healthy episodes. I say this because, as a child, I suffered with depression and as a preteen turned to alcohol and drugs to forget the recurring nightmares and shame and drown or dull the horrific emotional and physical torment I lived with for many years. It has also taught me to live and appreciate my culture, which I rejected during my teen years.

About the Author

I was the fourth child born to Puerto Rican parents in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I was raised in Brooklyn and began to write poetry and short stories in my preteens. By the time I was fourteen I was already drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs. After the death of my husband due to drugs, I sought help and recovery for my emotional problems and my addictions. I became a substance abuse counselor and educator two years after treatment and worked in an inpatient facility for people in recovery.

I have been working on my memoirs now for a number of years, which will possibly be completed in another year. However, my collection of survival poetry entitled, Tainted Soul, will follow the publication of The Apple. Tainted Soul is a collection of poems I wrote during my years in treatment and is filled with a great deal of anger and pain. Although my wish was to have Tainted Soul published first, I am proud to release The Apple. Why? Because I had lived a life of depression and deep emotional pain that you will see clearly in Tainted Soul. I had always believed I was incapable of writing anything humorist and was quite surprised when I began to give birth to The Apple. The poems in The Apple are events and personal experiences of my life, my culture and my environment while growing up. I had discovered that in the mist of great pain in my childhood there was also humor, good memories and joy that I could not see before treatment. That is way I am so proud of this collection and happy that it’s the first among my work to be published. It is not intended to offend anyone. So I hope you enjoy it and remember to look for my other books.