My Perfect Son Has Cerebral Palsy

by Marie Kennedy



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/21/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9780759609549

About the Book

This book shares the thoughts, concerns, and unrelenting faith of a young mother whose son, Jimmy, was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Jimmy -- a bright, exuberant, and loving child whose smile, makes you want to smile, just happens to have Cerebral Palsy.

Jimmy's mother, Marie, believes in a common sense, hands-on approach. She promotes bonding with doctors and therapists and utilizing innovative therapy techniques to enhance Jimmy's physical and emotional well being. She lovingly details what it is like, on a daily basis, to be a caregiver for a child with Cerebral Palsy. In sharing her creative ideas, utilizing inexpensive techniques, to enhance Jimmy's physical comfort and emotional well being with the cumbersome braces, she motivates and inspires.

By encouraging other parents, with special needs children, to ask questions and become fully informed, she removes the reticence they may feel to confront the matter directly. Further, she inspires the parent to avoid being shy about getting fully engaged in their child's treatment, and to listen to their fundamental instincts as to what is best for their child. This approach creates a feeling of positive activism for both parent and child alike, as opposed to tentativeness or indecision -- which can emotionally stifle both parent and child in resolution of the child's special needs.

This book is a tender look at not only a mother's frustrations and fears, but also of her dedication and triumphs, in a collective determination of spirit, with her very special child. We are empathetic and engaged with her as she overcomes all obstacles to become fully knowledgeable about Cerebral Palsy, and then become fully engaged with her child, as she comforts and encourages him every step of the way. The depth of her compassion, and Jimmy's positive reactions, encourage and stimulate the reader to embrace this overall integrated approach.

She shares her thoughts about the special bonds of family members -- the sheer joy of Jimmy's accomplishments, one step at a time -- and the heartbreak of having to handle the comments and stares of those outside the family circle. The interrelationship of all these factors serves to emphasize the importance of each; and the mother's ability to set the tone for parents, the extended family and friends, and the child. In so doing, the tone is also set for the child's outlook for the future, and his or her relationship in the world at large.

Marie Kennedy's writing style will both enthrall and stimulate you, by giving you a unique insight into her daily life. You will be inspired, as well as motivated, by sharing this in-depth look at the special bond she and her husband Chooch share, in giving to Jimmy an optimistic and realistic blueprint, for a full, happy life and a bright future.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will be raised to great expectations for the possibilities of life in the face of adversity as you share one woman’s enduring odyssey with her child. From her joy at the birth of her precious child, to the unrelenting challenges of daily life that confront both parent and child, you will be left with both a full heart, and a renewed sense of wonderment at how we can all rise above adversity and achieve miracles, through dedication, determination, and of course, unconditional love.

About the Author

Marie Kennedy is a wife, mother, motivational speaker, and freelance writer. She is published in numerous online magazines and has been a guest speaker at schools associated with the program "Everybody Counts." She has also been a speaker at hospitals, child advocacy conventions, and Universities, providing the human side of Cerebral Palsy to therapy and medical students.

Marie is a member of the NLAPW (National League of American Pen Women) and recently won a short story writing contest with Jimmy's New Shoes, which will be published in Chicken Soup for the Mothers Soul 2, available April 2001.

The Kennedy family was taped for a regional (state of Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky) PBS show, Across Indiana in May of 2000. The show has aired several times on PBS WFYI channel 20. For more information refer to show number 1028, WFYI website

Marie welcomes emails and letters. She can be contacted through her website, Email, or write to Marie Kennedy PO box 71 Carmel, Indiana 46082-0071.