Simple Solutions for Arthritis: An Arthritis Patient's Practical Guide to Health and Hope

by Kim Manser Hofmann



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/25/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781587213656

About the Book

Read this book for practical guidance on how to improve your day-to-day living with arthritis of any type. You, too, can learn to live a healthy, active, fulfilling life even with the setbacks of arthritis. Better education, a positive attitude and improved communication are just three areas addressed in this "must read" book. It will let you know you’re not alone, and it may change your life!



"Simple Solutions for Arthritis provides practical tips and techniques for coping with arthritis. Anyone who struggles with the day-to-day challenges of arthritis as well as their friends, family and healthcare professionals, can benefit from Kim Hofmann's insights."

Valerie Klusas Branch, M.S.
Director, Arthritis Educator Program
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center


"An extremely helpful and unique guide to management of problems encountered by rheumatoid arthritis patients. A ‘must read’."

Eric R. Hurd, M.D.
Rheumatologist, Arthritis Centers of Texas
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center


"I feel that this book, Simple Solutions for Arthritis, will be extremely valuable to individuals who have arthritic conditions. Much of what I have done over the past fifteen years in rehabilitation is summarized in this book. There are messages and advice for patients with conditions other than arthritis. In the very first chapter, ‘the chairman of the board theory’ is presented, which is a realization that the major healthcare provider is none other than the patient. Nothing could be truer! The doctors, nurses, and therapists are all members of a team, which should be directed by the patient. Often, patients take a passive role when it comes to pain management and healthcare, expecting pills, doctors, or surgery to repair or fix the problem. We all know and realize the pitfalls of taking such a passive approach to medical care. Cures are not often and generally never permanent.

After reading this book, the reader with arthritis should come away with a 'can do' attitude and an increased coping ability regarding medical problems. Some of the ideas in this book are certainly what we call common sense, but it is truly amazing that many of us forget our common sense when we feel bad or are in pain.

I plan on recommending copies of this book to my patients with arthritis as part of my patient education packet.

Simple Solutions for Arthritis is good, easy reading, but entertaining and informative. A person with arthritis will feel empowered after reading this book.

I hope this book becomes required reading for medical residents in the training program of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. As rehabilitation specialists we are asked about mobility and activities of daily living. Our patients have all the questions and I believe this book has many of the answers."

Richard R. Jones, M.D., Pharma D.
Medical Director HEALTHSOUTH Plano Rehabilitation Hospital
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center
Past President of DFW Metroplex Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Society


"This book has some great ideas for people with arthritis as well as family members. It is easy to read with suggestions that work from people that have lived with arthritis. I will suggest it for my patients in the future."

Melissa Peavey, OTR, CHT
Assistant Director
Upper Extremity Specialists
Dallas, Texas


"This book is a great source of ideas for all aspects of life that arthritis can affect. Therapy can be given separately or can be incorporated into daily living."

Corey Ulrich, M.S., PT
Physical Therapist
HEALTHSOUTH Plano Rehabilitation Hospital


"As a business associate and friend of Kim Hofmann, I have seen her in all manner of business, social and private moments. But it wasn’t until I read this book that I ever realized how beautifully she copes with her condition while functioning flawlessly in her career and personal life. Kim’s tips on coping with arthritis (or any physical, mental or emotional challenge, for that matter) are simple, effective, and like Kim, herself, first rate."

Jan Vernon
Vice President
Human Resources
Cadbury Schweppes Beverages, Americas

About the Author

As a human resource consultant for over 20 years, Kim uses her innovative and strategic thinking to help arthritis patients cope with their disease. She has been an author, spokesperson and Arthritis Educator with University of the Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UTSW) since 1992. Kim was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1980. She credits the management of her disease to:

-excellent medical care
-proper diet, medication and exercise
-the love of her husband, children, family, friends and coworkers and
-her faith and positive attitude.