Forever Sober

by Douglas H. Ruben Ph.D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/11/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781587211478

About the Book

Stop Drinking TODAY!

Addictions specialist, Dr. Douglas Ruben has done it again! His latest book explodes the myths of alcoholism for what it is: A power-hungry craving programmed in childhood. Forever Sober graphically reveals secrets of rapid nondrinking and lasting sobriety. Explicitly told is why addicts drink, why sobriety fails, and what to do about it. And that's not all.

Dr. Ruben prescribes rapid cures for social drinkers turned addicts. Easy-to-use steps convert heavy drinkers into nondrinkers; cravings vanish and healthy habits flourish. His life-engineering tools propel recovery to new heights. Plus, families get armed with ammunition dealing with sobriety.

'An indispensable bible using scientific methods for everyday problems.'

ASK HIM--What drives alcoholics to abuse? How does it consume their lives? Is changing addiction like flicking a light switch? And when is recovery really effective?

About the Author

DOUGLAS H RUBEN PHD is a family and addictions psychologist and media consultant. He is author, co-author and 'scriptdoctor' of over 40 books, two screenplays,and over 100 professional articles. Seen on DONAHUE and two national infomericals, plus TV and radio coast to coast, his recent self-help books include BRATBUSTERS: SAY GOODBYE TO TANTRUMS & DISOBEDIENCE; NO MORE GUILT: 10 STEPS TO A SHAME-FREE LIFE; AVOIDANCE SYNDROME; FAMILY RECOVERY; 60 SECONDS TO SUCCESS; and ONE MINUTE SECRETS. He also wrote the blueprint for other authors with YOUR PUBLIC IMAGE: TV, RADIO, and PRINT MEDIA IN CLINICAL PRACTICE, and WRITING FOR MONEY IN MENTAL HEALTH. Remaining books are scholarly for college libraries. Dr. Ruben is in private practice and president of Best Impressions International Inc, a media consulting firm.