Christ-Walk, Finding True Worship and the Kingdom of God

by Eugene C. Shults, Sr.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/23/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 396
ISBN : 9781585004454

About the Book

Jesus appeared to Francis of Assisi in 1205 and said three words, 'Repair my House!'

Clearly, Jesus commanded a return to His Apostolic church and its prime mission to bring the kingdom of God to earth. Two great movements attempted this repair, the Spiritual Franciscans and the Protestant Reformation. It is equally clear is that both movements ultimately failed, leaving Christianity deeply embedded in religiosity, defined as religion by regimentation. Christian worship has been organized, but human organization and the freedom-loving Spirit of God do not mix. As the true worship of God recedes from our churches, our culture approaches a moral abyss. Desperately, our nation, our culture, and our churches need to return to the life-directing faith path of the apostolic walk. Called the Christ-Walk in this text, this precious path of life is defined by Isaiah 35:8. And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness.

Unrecognized, the unfulfilled commitment of Jesus' 1205 request is still upon each of us. By seeking the will of God in the Christ-Walk, each saint can satisfy that command. There, the saint can reach the fullness of Jesus' love, and incrementally return the church to its original apostolic mission vector. In this effort, each saint can repair Jesus' House working from the bottom up. Let us agree, we have had enough of religion! Look, there is no difference in the faith and fervor of the world's religions, existing in equal measure around the world. No, humanity needs a greater thing than religiosity. We need an integrated faith walk influencing every thought and action of our lives. And at this level of life-long pervasiveness, humans can only abide God's love, dwelling within agape love.

Humanity will not excel in agape love until it can reach the integrity of Jesus' love found most profusely in the Christ-Walk. Once agape love is found as a life style not a social syntax or as the practiced facade, then agape civilization beckons.

Dynamic and flexible, the Christ-Walk is customized for each human walking this way. It cannot be put into a precisely defined structure as a mass production process. It is emphatically, not religiosity. Rather, it is adult Christian food, the true subsequence of life and the real reason for human existence. But the Christ-Walk is not a gift, it requires the search spoken of in Mathew 6:33. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness... hence, seeking representing the true divide in Christianity separating the carnal from the spiritual saint thus separating Jesus' true church from the religious impersonation. Today, Jesus' true church is found where it is found, one member here, another there. Tomorrow, under the influence of the Spirit's massive outpouring, the true church will rise from the Christ-Walk, prevailing across America and several other countries, seriously changing these cultures.

Although the Christ-Walk is unique to each human, we can outline the highpoint characteristics of that walk, allowing a rough measurement for each soul traversing this path. Basically, the Christ-Walk is composed of these sub-paths:

  • Walk to wholesomeness

  • Attenuation path to sanctification featuring the conversion of both the alert and subconscious mind to Jesus' salvation

  • Overcoming walk to discipleship in Jesus Christ

This text is built under the guidance of the Spirit to assist those desiring to walk the way of Holiness, there to experience true worship of the Father. Yet, this book is also for those not now interested in Christ, certain of their current belief patterns. Within most of these souls resides a restlessness, vague and undefined. Put aside your preconceived ideas about the Christian religion and seek out the freshness of Jesus' faith walk. Here, in these pages, you can find the answer to your unease, understand the need for another dimension in our reality, the Holy Spirit, discover the real definition of existence, the reason for suffering, and the rest of those life force factors that influence all of us. Then, within this knowledge meet your Savior, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, known to the West as Christ Jesus!

About the Author

At age eight, the author underwent a Shekinah light of God experience deeply implanting a love for Christ in his heart. Although this love never left, the experience faded in the rush of college followed by the excitement of the life of a tailhook pilot. Later, after the Navy, he trained as a physicist (MS) growing further from his early exposure to God. Then marriage and children, eight in all, distanced this childhood experience. The busyness of the large family mixed with a career in the emerging field of computers focused the author on American life with all its challenges.

This changed abruptly when he stumbled upon the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1973. The transformation was profound and staggering. A decade later, in spiritual warfare, he discovered that God had gifted him with a real-time, anointing commune. The author has utilized this gift to write twelve books and multiple articles, mostly dealing with contemporary and future interactions between church and culture, most unpublished. The key teaching received from this commune is that the kingdom of God is approaching first as a Post-Millennium implementation. It is essential that the church be renewed for this task, divorcing itself from its present informal Pact of Cooperation with neo-paganism. Freed and united, the Christian church is to lead the way. The very existence of an advance human civilization is unknowingly dependent upon this Christian church renewal. To this end, the author is dedicated however humble his contributions might prove.