Woodruff's Firebase

by David M. Celley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/20/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 724
ISBN : 9781420884616

About the Book

The boy next door gets a bad grade in college, drops out, gets drafted, and sent to fight in the Vietnam War.  He’s any other ordinary kid of age 19 when he begins this adventure, but he’s altogether a different person when it’s over -- irreparably changed by this strange and different war.


An aging Lieutenant Colonel tries to make his last tour of command count for him towards a promotion before he retires.  Instead he sees that his own blundering and lack of leadership ability is his worst enemy.


A “cowboy” Captain cannot get the respect he deserves for all the good efforts and right moves he makes to deal with some of the worst problems facing the battalion and at the same time mop up after the useless battalion commander.


A handful of Special Forces experts turn a backward group of mountain people into a fighting force to combat the NVA.  Only one of them returns home to tell about it.


All these stories and many more combine together to make up the saga of Firebase Seminole.  This is a story of a new and different kind of war.  The covert recruitment and training of counterinsurgency forces; the involvement of the CIA; American troops forced to steal from their own supply houses; “Rural Pacification”; the danger of ambush at every turn; and the final, death-defying battle to save Woodruff’s Firebase.

About the Author

Age 52.  Born in Evanston, Illinois but grew up in Asheville, North Carolina.  Lived in Florida and Georgia before moving to the Los Angeles area in 1980.

Attended the University of North Carolina and Cal State University, Los Angeles receiving degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Computer Information Systems.  He is currently employed as a database application developer.

While in the U.S. Army he attended Combat Engineer training and Infantry Officer Candidate School, but discontinued the latter before graduating.

While in Vietnam he served as a finance clerk working with payrolls, which exposed him to people of every walk of life in the army.  Soldiers from line units, enlisted men, officers, pilots, blacks, whites, dope smokers, alcoholics, etc.  Everyone came to get paid or needed some help with their pay problems.  Most would have some story to tell or complaint to make about their own environment.

Combining these things with his own experiences and training, provided him with a rich base of material from which “Woodruff’s Firebase” was written.

In writing this story he attempted to incorporate as many incidents of action and conflict as possible.  He tried to connect all points of view from the U.S. side as to what the involvement meant.  The objective was to provide an entertaining story with an intense, gripping read that encompassed the complete picture of what it was like to be stati