Ancient Signs of Deception

by Kelly Don Ford



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/18/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781585002061

About the Book

We should all be concerned with deceptions. From the door to door fly-by-night scam and con artists to the politically incorrect problems throughout the world, these delusions and exploitations need to come into the light for exposure, understanding, and judgment. We can easily ignore the ones that don't pertain directly to us right now, but the word ignore goes hand in hand with the word ignorance. Once we see what the problems are, and ignore them long enough, we are prone to fall into the traps and snares awaiting the unsuspecting. Ancient deceptions are just as deadly. Our calendars mark two active and direct symbols of betrayal. The first has to do with sun signs. Yes, the zodiac, horoscopes and astrology. The second has to do with the core of Christianity itself, Good Friday.

Part I delves into the astronomical workings of the universe in relationship to the earth with the precession of the equinoxes and the havoc it has played during the past 2000+ years. The astrological signs are known to be one sign off from their real places in the sky, but no one seems to care that Astrology is bilking the world of time, money, actions and thought. At the time of your birth, the sun was supposed to be transiting in your sun sign, but it wasn't. Where were the stars in relationship to the sun? How and when did this happen? Where are they now? Do the astrologers know this? Do they care? The drawings in this book clearly illustrate the complex workings, and the language is put simply in layman's terms to be easily digested and understood. Added are the ingredients of time, math and truth. Go with me on this far reaching and astounding journey into the past and uncover the simplicity of God's planned and incremental movements and relationships of heavenly bodies. Time changes everything in its path. Discover your turning earth as you never knew it to be. Things that endure the test of time and remain seemingly unchangeable tend to be worshiped. We no longer need to be trapped in the bondage of ignorance that tries to imprison us in a paralyzed stranglehold of the past. You will look up into the heavens with a fresh and new perspective as well as appreciate the vastness and simplicity of the creative structuring of the sky like never before.

Part II of the book realizes that we have been deceived into believing that Christ was placed in the tomb before evening had come on the Friday before Easter and was raised 36 hours later, half the time He said He would be in the grave. The validity of Christ's Messiahship rested on His own words in Matthew 12:38-40. These words were specifically given to the elite teams of the Jewish legal system, not just to the masses. He had to be in the grave no less than 72 hours to authenticate that He was not an imposter. Go with me back almost 2,000 years and see for yourself by the Biblical account that Good Friday was not the day of crucifixion and that Jesus was raised early on the first day of the week (not Sunday morning) according to the Scriptures and that Satan is playing havoc with stealing the special time of the week and day that Christians are asked to assemble by example. Go with me to the tomb and uncover its correct timetable. Does Christendom know the truth? Do they care? Arm yourself with the knowledge of the ancient ages. History is not just a collection of past factual accounts, it is His story. This book is akin to the little book mentioned in Revelation 10.

About the Author

Kelly Ford was born in the first year of the baby boomers. He has read and studied the Scriptures from an early age giving congregational lessons and sermons at the church he grew up in. He served his country from 1966 to 1970 in the U.S. Air Force, spending the last year overseas. His ardent studies began in 1974 with a serious car crash which blew out all four brand new tires on the station wagon he was driving to college that morning.

Further pursuits and 177 college credits later earned him a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Education at SWTSU in San Marcos, Texas, in 1988. His students included abused and neglected emotionally disturbed adolescent youth at treatment centers in Houston and Austin, foreign pupils enrolled in World Bible School, as well as professional adult technicians and engineers at a world class electronics defense contracting firm located in Dallas and Austin.

A major setback in defense spending caused his family to relocate and begin anew. Stabilizing influences include a twenty-five year marriage to the most wonderful woman in the world and a dynamic faith. An astronomical physics class led his quest to write this book about some of his observations as well as the many years in God's word.This is a culmination of those efforts.