Finding Safety

by Carole Marlowe



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/2/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781585003358

About the Book

Teenage readers of Finding Safety responded:

'This book is powerful, meaningful and inspiring.'

'This book showed me what abuse really is and that you need to stand up for yourself if you're ever in one of these situations.'

'This book would help so many teens (like myself) cope with past and present abuse. As a survivor of abuse, I always knew that what had happened to me was abuse, but no one ever told me how to heal. This book showed me ways to start that process.'

Finding Safety is a much needed tool designed to teach teenagers how to recognize abuse and protect themselves from it. It is a simple, clear, and direct explanation of the five types of abuse: Sexual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Using the concept of boundaries which comes from the recovery movement it describes: How we get abused, how that abuse effects us, and how to protect ourselves from abuse.

This is a book that counselors or educators who work with teenagers could easily use in whole or in part. Any chapter can stand on its own for reading or discussion. A teenager can see on one page, for instance, what physical abuse looks like, one page on how to protect herself from it, and one page describing long term effects. There are inspirational quotes and powerful true stories to support each topic. It is user friendly; a succinct explanation of a complicated subject.

About the Author

Carole has been an educator in many capacities for over twenty years. She has been a teacher of English, drama, and dance; served as lead teacher for at-risk students in an alternative high school; and has also been a trainer of teachers in classroom management, gender equity, and personal boundaries in the classroom.

Her background in education is one of distinction in advocating for the student and student rights. The awards she has won in defending the First Amendment include the Penn/Newman's Own First Amendment Award and the Playboy First Amendment Award. With a history of childhood abuse herself, this writer knows the depth of pain involved in facing and healing abuse.

She was also featured in the documentary film 'Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse.' Carole is currently working as a resource teacher for a large public school district on projects involving at-risk students, language arts, drama, and dance.