The Dummy

by Bud Mallory



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/9/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 436
ISBN : 9780759610330

About the Book

"I'll say, amen, to that," Calvin Newman laughed with a wave of his hand. If I could go to being a teenager again equipped with the knowledge I have now they'd have to lock me up."

The boys had finished their round of golf and were discussing what it would be like to live their lives over. This story concerns one person who had that fantasy fulfilled.

From the posh setting of the Country Club, Calvin Newman found himself thrust into just such a situation. Only then did he learn that fantasy and the real world were quite different.

The devastating experience of being plunged into the small, mill town community of Midland where he knew nobody provided a situation his mind had trouble coping with. Not only was he unwelcome, but the reality of a past life he knew nothing about haunted him constantly. The emotional and physical adjustments to find a new way in life became an agony that kept ripping him between his old life and his new. He discovered that the knowledge from his old life was the curse that prevented him from enjoying the euphoria of being young and carefree. Other people’s emotions became an insurmountable object he’d never considered when dreaming of doing his life over

How he managed to overcome the despair of being an outcast to someone who was admired and respected is the struggle that finally made a new man out of him.

About the Author

W.H. (BUD) MALLORY was born in Titusville, Pennsylvania. A stint in the Navy transported him to the West Coast where he attended college, married, and raised a family. His career took him to an executive position with a large aerospace firm. It was while he was working at that position that he discovered his passion for writing.

The moment the opportunity arose, he left that employment to devote more of his time to transcribing the products of his vivid imagination into the various fictional novels he has created.