"Door to Atlantis"-The Mars~Atlantis Alliance

by M. Dianne Goodman-Larson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/12/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781425975876

About the Book

Door To Atlantis discloses an extraordinary series of events which occurred in Atlantis that had tremendous impact on Earth, the magnitude of which will astound you. It answers the very current controversial question about a Mars-Earth connection, a Saturn-Earth connection and encounters that some think none of the Human race is ready to hear. But we are ready. It also relates events of the present time cycle from the author's time travel events, which have taken her events to a celestial object that transited our Solar System, at its closes point to Earth's atmosphere in 1997. She unexpectedly came face to face with an ominous presence of a race of Extraterrestrials with the negative Force vibrations and questionable intentions toward our planet. Learn who they are, what effect they are having on some people at this time, and what their Agenda might be for Earth. The author's most recent travel adventure took her to the future where she encountered the Master of Light who promised to 'prepare a new place for us,' and promised the return of the Christ consciousness to humanity at the peak of the battle of Darkness and Light. The book gives some details on a dimension of angels, and a dimension of beings much like the Titans, from the Journey to other worlds escorted by Masters of Light. Likewise, there were confrontations with the Masters, and their extraterrestrial recruits.
The book also talks about ancient Master School teachings of the Seven Rays and it teaches powerful ways that you can use your Sacred Fire and the Rays of the Light Force. It addresses other spiritual topics that should be helpful to some at this changing time.

The Great White Brotherhood has chosen this book and this time to reveal the Truth about the Mars Atlantis Connection with the cooperation of this Atlantean Scientist Priest. It is timely and comes at a time when their opponents in the Dark Force have launched disinformation campaigns about Mars and Earth, and might be getting ready to launch something else, while tightening their grip on an unawakened Humanity. This book encourages the people of this planet to wake up and reach for their multidimensional awareness and freedom by utilizing the power tools of Light and a secret, ancient connection to Mars and Atlantis that is connected to Genes. Discover the tremendous Move that is occurring with the Solar System that seems mysterious because we are 'inside' the system. The Masters of Darkness have had this planet in its grips since the sinking of Atlantis. This book is all to bring lost knowledge and powers of Light to a humanity that is being kept in vibrational patterns of sleep and to let them know that the Great White Brotherhood obviously has to face the issue of dark Extraterrestrials in order to protect this planet.

About the Author

The author spent her childhood in and around the spectacular, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. After a career as a professional singer, she majored in Broadcast Journalism at Kingsborough College and attended New York University for 3 years.
Dianne joined the Theosophy Lodge of New York in 1984, and shortly after began to be visited interdimensionally by a being in blue robes. He taught her one-on-one for 3 years. Five years later, she learned incredibly that he was El Morya of the Great White Brotherhood, Kuthumi and St. Germain.

In 1994, one of the Masters, stepped through her wall and adjusted chakras and sevenfold flame around her head. The next day at Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life Workshop, Dianne had a spontaneous experience triggered by the Star of Melchizedek. This Ancient symbol she recognized from 13,000 years ago, when it was used in secret technological activities by an Extraterrestrial Group she identified as a Contingent of Martian Scientist Priests of Atlantis. Dianne was transported via consciousness through time to Atlantis, where she remembered being one of them, as well as a Chela of the Master Teacher, Himalaya of the Great White Brotherhood. Her life changed dramatically with Extraterrestrial encounters, masters of Darkness and Light; encounters with the Greys and starships. She later became friends with a Living legend of UFOlogy.

This extraordinary story and energies of Atlantis continue to permeate her life. In the Spring of 1999, Dianne awoke from sleep to find a small, beautiful cosmetic glass jar with an aqua-green cover just sitting on her pillow. The green cover had the name 'Atlantis' imprinted diagonally across it. Startled at the sight, she watched it with fascination for 15 seconds and just as she reached out to pick it up, it dematerialized in front of her eyes. As a show of gratitude for that gift from the higher dimensions, Dianne created 'Atlantis'-Beauty Expression, the Beauty care line for women and men, as a way to bring the gift into the material world. Presently, Dianne is a Melchizedek Priest; Flower of Life Facilitator, and works with the teachings of the Ascended Masters and I AM Presences. Dianne teaches and lectures on Atlantis in New York and the Northeast.