The Piano Player

by Carl G. Hunter



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/19/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781585003006

About the Book

Three nurses look down at a newborn baby boy. They notice his unusually large hands and try to decide what his future might be. One predicts he will be a basketball player, one a baseball player and the third a piano player. It turns out he does all three and excels in several other sports but the piano becomes his lifelong career.
He begins all these activities at a very young age and learns to play the piano at his mother's side. He works with his gifted and beloved teacher throughout his school years and into his retirement years. While in college he plays in concerts and works with other music students and professors. He meets a dark-haired girl who plays the piano. He and Katherine fall in love but are forever separated when her family moves to a northern state where her father becomes a governor's aid. He thinks of her constantly throughout his life.

Although Maynard Wallace is not a large young man, he is strong and quick. He receives honorable mention on the All-American track team. His coach tells him he has a chance to make the U.S. Olympic team. After much thought he decides against going for this because it would mean giving up his other sports and his music. He plays minor league baseball for several years but is not called up to play in the majors.

Maynard tires of sports and concentrates his efforts on a career in music. He is very talented and a hard worker. With the assistance of his teacher who is a well-known regional pianist and singer he eventually becomes one of the top concert pianists in the nation.

His travels and concert appearances provide a very interesting and varied lifestyle. He plays in the most famous concert halls. He plays regularly in a large bar and restaurant in his home state. He plays in a large restaurant in Texas where he meets a young girl who does the 'girl-on-a-swing' act. They become close friends. When he learns she is a very talented ballerina he works with his teacher and the symphony conductors they know to launch her on her career in ballet. He finally realizes this is the most satisfying thing he has ever done.

Late in life he knows that teaching others and helping them with their careers is the most fulfilling. After her suggestions and invitation he joins with his lifelong instructor and friend to teach in his own hometown. He sees Katherine's face again in his mind and is filled with love and contentment.

About the Author

Carl Hunter was exposed to several years of piano lessons as a youngster, but reports they 'didn't take.' After a number of years of playing the baritone horn in school bands, he concentrated on singing. He sang in glee clubs during school years, then as a church soloist, and finally he performed operatic arias with a professional opera group in the 1960's and 1970's.

He was active in a number of sports including tennis, track, golf and baseball and played for high school and college teams.

He has written over a dozen technical and semi-technical books and papers on conservation and wildlife management. Three full-color field guides on wildflowers, trees and autumn leaves are regional best-sellers and have earned a number of citations and awards. He has written many magazine and newspaper articles. His first novel, This Cup, was published in 1998. It required ten years of research and study. It is a story of the outdoors and a fresh and factual look at the King Arthur legends. Mr. Hunter resides near Alexander and Little Rock, Arkansas.