Motherless Bastard

by Patricia O'Malley Ashker



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/26/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 352
ISBN : 9781585004041

About the Book

Motherless Bastard is a gripping, nostalgic journey into the psychological weaving of a family tapestry ripped to shreds. In the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ron Tanis faces every day a despicable act he committed in a Bavarian forest. He is forced to relive atrocities of Dachau through Marta, consumed by guilt as a holocaust survivor. War in the South Pacific rages forever in Joe Miller's psyche. For Eva, the burning desire from one night of lovemaking must last a lifetime. Their poisonous union catapults innocent children to witness rape, violent beatings and poverty. A high price to pay for the sins of their parents.

One child, Dusty, emerges, marked by God himself. From sexual exotica to spiritual ecstasy, horror, to the heights of heaven, Motherless Bastard is a riveting, 'cannot put it down' reading.

About the Author

Growing up in the Irish Catholic tradition was not enough for this 'O'Malley' from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1965, she entered a convent. Three years later with a rock-solid foundation, Patricia left to pursue life with an unshakable spirituality.

Believing 'the Lord had lead him to her,' Patricia married Mike Ashker, ten days after they met. The Ashkers will celebrate their 31st anniversary with two grown sons, Mike and Jake, Mike's wife Deb and grandson Dylan. Both sons are police officers near their home in White Cloud, Michigan.

Motherless Bastard is Patricia's fourth book and the one she considers her best. 'I try in my writing to capture and express the innermost thoughts and emotions most people experience from time to time.'