The Making of The Millenium

by Patricia G. Eddy



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/8/1998

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 232
ISBN : 9781425914943

About the Book

The Making of the Millennium tells the story of one of the most powerful myths that has ever motivated Western peoples. This is the ancient story in the Bible that describes a horrific end of the world followed for a few survivors by a new golden age called the Millennium. This book describes how the Bible's myth has managed to keep its luster for over three thousand years while other myths have faded away. It also describes how the refurbishment techniques that are found in the 'new' interpretations have kept the Bible's end-time myth alive and active in people's imaginations. The book analyses how the frequent and creative interpretations of the Bible's myth have fueled ancient and modern suicidal cults, as well as ancient and modern militias.

This book highlights how the Bible contains several versions of the deity's comments on the world's end and traces the end-time myths through Egypt, the ancient Middle East, and to Persia where fast paced myth making created several exciting renditions before they found their way into the Scriptures. This book explains how imaginative new readings of the Bible's end-time myths have all too frequently burst forth from church, mosque and synagogue to cause problems everywhere from China, the Pacific Islands, to Africa.

The Making of the Millennium  also recounts the end of the world's impact on American history. This includes how the Puritan belief that England would be the target of the apocalypse drove them to these shores, a place they believed to be a last refuge provided by God. This book describes how the notion of God's refuge helped inspire the American Revolution, helped open up the American West, and nearly destroyed America's native peoples. This book brings the idea of the end-time refuge up to date. It is currently fueling the citizen militias in the US who believe that the UN is violating their sacred land. A situation that their stockpiled weaponry is intended to fix.

Recently new myths about the planet's ultimate condition have been emerging from the mists of New Age hot tubs. The Making of the Millennium describes how the predominate forms of New Age mythology are anti end-of-the-world. There are many varieties of New Agers and their numbers are out pacing the numbers of Christians in the US, and the New Age anti end-time myths have become the wave of the future.

The story of the end of the world is completely told in the following chapters:

Introduction: The Once and Future End of the World
1.     The Terminal Myth: Adam and Eve and Armageddon
2.     The Persian Connection: The End of the World Begins
3.     Gods, Wars, and Prophets: The Divine Myths
4.     The Making of Messiahs: From Shepherd Boys to Militias
5.     The Making of Martyrs: Ancient Heroes and Modern Victims
6.     The Puritans: The World's End and America's Beginning
7.     The Wild West: The Indians Meet the End of the World
8.     The Tokyo Subway Bombers: Mixing Myths and Toxins
9.     Keeping the End Up-to-Date: Conspiracy Theories
10.   New Myths For Old: The Beginning of the End
Epilogue: Space Age Religion and the End of the End of the World

About the Author

Patricia Eddy has written two other books, 'Who Tampered With the Bible' and 'Rescuing Jesus from the Gospels', both published by James C. Winston. She is a retired intelligence analyst who spent most of her career during the Cold War facing a nuclear Armageddon on a daily basis. She worked with real time satellite data to determine the valid from bogus threats of foreign missile launches. After 20 fast-paced years in the government and the aerospace industry, she gave it up and enrolled in a seminary at the Graduate Theological Union, U.C. Berkeley.

Ms. Eddy received her MA in Theology from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in 1996, and became a member of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research in order to keep abreast of the modern myth making that is so essential to evaluate the future of the Bible's end-time mythology. In spite of the 'end' of the cold war, Ms. Eddy never lost her interest in Armageddon and the apocalyptic demise of the world, and all her research in graduate school was on this subject. The Making of the Millennium represents the summation of her seminary inquiries with the Dominican fathers, plus her work in ancient and modern mythology.

Ms. Eddy's years of analyzing intelligence data have provided her with a unique perception that enlivens her books by exposing hidden patterns, breaks in trends, and attempts to conceal material. Her training and experience also help expose the logical inconsistencies caused by competing ideologies in source materials. Her investigative talent allows her to explore previously unnoticed facets and bring to life intriguing information overlooked by other authors.