Sex, Sound and Spirit:Esoteric Awareness

and the Metaphysics of Evolution

by Lawrence Roth



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/18/1998

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 202
ISBN : 9781420898385

About the Book

When you look at the world around you, do you see it as falling apart? Or being born? Or both? Are we in the foothills of WWIII, in the shadows of Armageddon? Or will the stock market and technology lead us on a golden freeway to consumer utopia? Yes, we must briefly deal with those superficial aspects. Partly, with the hope of a dreamer, to help change things, but more importantly, to set the stage for the discussion of higher and deeper realities.

So, look again at the world around you. Where is it? What is it? When is it? These are not at all simple questions; nor are they inconsequential. And let’s not forget the most significant question of all: Who is it?

This book is about existence. It is an outrageous book, because existence is outrageous. And in this post relativistic, quantum age, indeed, outrageousness is common place. And there we have a unification of opposites, the commonplace with the outrageous. Unification is the solution process; the joy and terror of finding Self, in a multidimensional game of hide and seek.

And unification of the field is the dream of physics. We metaphysicists can do it already, without even resorting to spiritualism. These pages unify the field, in a palpable, powerful way, that is entirely consistent with the most advanced science.

The universe is, literally, vibration. That trivial new age cliché has emerged elegantly from physics, by means of what has been called, the mathematics of the twenty first century, string theory.

We are, It is, all vibration. From planets and driving rhythmic music, to football and sexual stimulation, from war and peace, on up the scales to love, atoms and galaxies, mathematics, celestial music and the spiritual ecstasy of the quantum field.

This book, then, is tantric mysticism for scientists and other rationalists, who, we can guarantee, will never look at science and reason in the same way. For more sensitive types, it is (along with esoterica,) the unassailable, scientific and rational justification of mysticism; nothing less than the fusion of physics and metaphysics. While it may not exactly be "easy reading," complex subjects are dealt with as simply as possible, and even the physics is within the grasp of the average lay person.

And this book is not for the intellectually or emotionally shy. In many ways it is a "feel good book" that offers a new world view. But that must be qualified, because "good" is only one-half of a duality. And, as will be shown, the word/concept, "view" is far too narrow and shallow. So I guess this is a see/hear/feel good and bad book. We seek to understand the very nature of duality, (which is the primal plurality.) We begin with uncommon sense perspectives of the "out world," (the world of the marketplace, politics, image and religion,) then journey inward through metaphysics, modern physics and biology into the very heights and depths of Tantrism, where it is all unified into a field of freedom, magnitudes beyond pleasure

Happy travels and safe landings.

About the Author

The author is a musician, artist and writer who has spent thirty years studying science and the occult, and the relationship between them. This is his first published book.