Israel- The Great Secret

by Dr. I. Hirsch



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/2/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 472
ISBN : 9781585009992

About the Book

Does God exist and, if so, who is He? This is by any mean the longest-standing controversy in the history of mankind. Only one 'Holy Scripture', out of many polytheistic and monotheistic ones, has explicitly set a procedure - an 'experience' in the purest scientific sense of this word - meant to prove the authenticity and uniqueness of its 'God': the original Jewish Bible.

Two techniques had been used for that purpose. One - explicit - called 'Prophecy', compulsorily coded so as to ensure that an eventual knowledge of the future will not interfere with the string of events leading to it, and the other - implicit - built into the coding techniques themselves: the well-known 'Gematria' (Jewish numerology) and the newly discovered 'Regular Letter-Codes'. This is at least one of the reasons why right from the beginning - more than 3300 years ago - the text of the Torah (Pentateuch) had been 'frozen': a single-letter discrepancy in the exact sequence of the letters de-sanctifies a whole Torah scroll.

The proof of 'God' is of course indirect, but nonetheless very powerful, based on the proof of His super-human capabilities. Man has a degree of control only over the Matter, the Energy and their mutual relationships/ proportions - not over the Time. None of us has REAL control over the events to come, not in the 3 minutes following the reading of these lines... and not, of course, in the 3300 years ahead.

This book - 'ISRAEL - The Great Secret' - shows that the 'Entity' who wrote the Torah has done just that: claiming 'deity' through His Mastery upon the Time, coding His 'credentials' so as to avoid His 'experience stuff' - the People of Israel - being influenced, and enclosing them into a time-proofed safe - the text of the Torah - to serve as a proof when time - the widely misunderstood 'End of Times' - will come.

This revolutionary book unveils a host of the most amazing features, from the forecasting of the Nazi-related 'Holocaust' - with precise names and dates - to the re-establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948/5708, and even to nowadays' so controversial - and before 1992 considered unimaginable - 'Peace Process' between Israel and the Palestinians!

The decoding of these unbelievable hidden messages, in a captivating and easy to follow step-by-step approach, brings together - like the pieces of an extraordinary three-dimensional pyramid-jigsaw - the four elements of the 'Divine Project': The GOD of Israel, the TORAH of Israel, the PEOPLE of Israel and the LAND of Israel.

Despite its uncompromising scientific approach, this book received Letters of Agreement from various Orthodox rabbinical authorities, including from Rabbi Shalom MESSAS, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem who wrote: 'Dr Hirsch showed that the Torah contains great secrets testifying for the future, for everything that happened and will happen in the world...Everything is concealed in it in the form of allusion.'

This work is the result of 14 years of research. Surely, you will find it fascinating.

About the Author

Dr Isaac Hirsch was born in 1947 and is fluent in four languages. He is a medical doctor, who lives and practices in London, England. Apart from medicine, he has always been fascinated by history, archaeology, fossils and other scientific fields relating to the past, which require rigorous observation and analytical skills to work out their hidden significance.

As a practicing Orthodox Jew, the Torah (Pentateuch) - as well as the wider Tanach (the original Hebrew Bible) - has always been his way of life, at the centre of his eclectic fields of interest. His discovery in 1985 of the three mathematical equations at the heart of the 'End of Days' prophecies described in the Book of Daniel, compelled him to start a sustained research effort into fascinating secret messages coded into the original Hebrew Bible. This resulted in the publication of his first book in Israel in 1989, written in Hebrew and sold out in less than a year. This book is the much-enhanced English version of that first publication.