Domestic PlannerĀ® Systems

by Diana Koenig



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/7/1977

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 362
ISBN : 9781587218514

About the Book

Domestic Planner Systems was created to help people cope in an increasingly complicated world. A recent survey tells us something most of us already knew: We are spending more time with our children than the previous generation, but we are still working as much or more. When we try to cram additional activities into an already impossible schedule, something has to give. It usually ends up being the personal time we need and the time we spend maintaining our homes. The information in this book will introduce you to workable systems and principles that will help you organize your life and manage your time productively. You can reflect on each day with satisfaction instead of guilt, and you can look forward to tomorrow knowing you have a plan for almost anything that comes your way.

About the Author

Diana Koenig is a successful writer, educator, and lecturer. She has inspired thousands to become more organized and more efficient through her nationally published column, "Domestic Planner ." As a wife, homemaker, and the mother of four, she combines practical insights with tried and true techniques to help bring order to the lives of the organizationally challenged. Diana is much in demand as a speaker, seminar leader, home/business consultant and is regularly featured on local television. Diana has a B.A. in Elementary Education.