The Superman Syndrome

by Robert H. Kamm



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/1/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781587217043

About the Book

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In his unique book, the superman syndrome, consultant Robert H. Kamm looks beneath the obvious advances of the shimmering new technology-centered economy. He finds increasing evidence of substantial emotional and spiritual pain across America, not just among those who have benefited least, but also among those who have benefited most. In a realm of blurred boundaries and vanished time, business people and their spouses are negotiating away central elements of their existence, most notably the sweet enterprise of parenting. Parenting calls us to live at depth, but we cannot live at depth when we live at speed.

Why are we so easily caught up in the flash and rush of The Information Age? Why don’t we hold our ground against its momentum? Why do we seem to lack the vision, strength and determination to truly structure our lives around what we espouse as our most deeply cherished values – God, family, friendship, community – rather than around work? American parents are spending dramatically less quality time with their children than was the case thirty years ago. Why have we allowed this? Why have we gone so far off track? What are the dangers? How do we master this new world and put speed in the service of depth?

Drawing on extensive experience in the front lines of business, Robert H. Kamm asks and answers all of these questions in a highly readable exploration of myth, the human psyche and workplace practices. His profound insight and unusual consulting style have already touched thousands of individuals and numerous companies. Bottom lines have thickened. Market share has increased. Customer satisfaction ratings have been catapulted. The long-term prospects of businesses have been girded while simultaneously honoring and supporting, as never before, the personal and family needs of the individuals that comprise them.

the superman syndrome is bound to become a household phrase and touchstone for those fighting to bend the new technology to help them become real and present parents without sacrificing the joy of creative work.

About the Author

Robert H. Kamm is a speaker, author, coach and consultant who inspires extraordinary devotion in his clients. Under his tutelage, they have achieved competitive advantage by creating great workplace communities. He was one of the pioneers of "Haggle-Free, Stress-Free Car Buying" in the early Nineties and gained national notoriety as the most outspoken advocate of ethical transformation in the automobile retail business.

After more than twenty years as an innovator in the trenches of retail, and thirteen years as a single father, Mr. Kamm created a unique consulting practice that spans the gaps between personal, professional and organizational development. His clients revere him as a Renaissance man of deep life experience and wisdom, someone with the rare ability to blend the pragmatic with the ideal. Corporate clients have included Ford Motor Company, General Motors, J.D. Power and Associates, Maritz Corporation, the Canadian Olympic Synchronized Swim Team, Mercedes-Benz of North American, Toyota of Canada and Honda American Finance. Individual clients attending his widely praised leadership workshop, LeaderOne, have come from fields as diverse as teaching, medicine, nursing, healthcare technology, the performing arts, real estate, public relations, engineering, consulting, counseling, psychology, a broad array of entrepreneurial endeavors and, most important of all, parenting. He lives with his wife, Della, in California.

The Superman Syndrome is the first work in a trilogy.

Robert H. Kamm has also released an album entitled Johnny McConnell September 11th Suite and other Songs.

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