Today, there are thousands of online libraries and resources that can teach you a thing or two about promoting your book. With countless resources at your disposal, the question is this: do you still need a publicist for your promotional efforts? Your answer should always go back to your publishing goals and to the following factors:

  • Experience. How much do you know about public relations? Would you be willing to learn the tricks of the trade?
  • Time. After making and polishing your publicity campaign, do you still have enough time to follow through with your plans?
  • Connections. Do you know anyone in the media who can help you? Or do you have the resources that’ll help you find the right contacts?

If you think you’ll need more support in these areas, our publicity experts can help.

Need to establish a social media presence? Your social media coach is here to help.

‘I understand how tricky social media promotions can be. As your Social Media Coach, I will teach you the basics of social media and help you plan and launch your very own targeted social media campaign.’

What can our social media coach do for you?

  • Train and Guide You

    For six weeks, your social media coach will teach you how to use different social media platforms.

  • Create A Strategy Plan

    Your coach will provide a content plan for your social media channels so you’ll know what type of content or posts you should share with your readers.

  • Provide and Analyze Campaign Reports

    Your coach will provide regular reports on your campaign’s performance. Based on these reports, he or she will also evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and improve where necessary.

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Looking for someone who'll handle your pages instead? Then perhaps a Social Media Strategist is just what you need. He or she will help you manage your accounts and make sure your message gets to the right audience. Learn more about this service >

Need an expert for your publicity campaign? Your literary publicist is here to help with our Media Outreach Publicity Campaign.

‘I will read and assess the publicity needs of your book and help you launch a fully fledged campaign based on the marketing map we will create.’

What can our literary publicist do for you?

  • Recommend Publicity Paths

    After reading your book, your publicist will recommend one marketing path that you can follow. Suggestions will include a traditional media outreach or a social media campaign.

  • Create A Campaign Strategy

    Once you’ve decided which marketing path you’ll follow, your publicist will guide you throughout the fulfillment of your campaign for your target audience.

  • Give Additional Suggestions

    Your publicist will also recommend marketing tactics you can personally work on. They will also collaborate with our marketing team to suggest other services that may be helpful to your campaign.

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Want your literary publicist to recommend one more marketing plan for you? Expand your reach and get additional weeks of outreach with our Media Outreach Publicity Plus service instead. Learn more about this service >

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