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Language : English
Publication Date : 20/05/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781728353463

About the Book

Awe right what about ye. How’s it going hi. Well this book is a follow on from ur not wise lad. Which I hope you enjoyed. The two main characters are still William an Kiral. The pair of them become good friends after meeting at a support group for out of work Terrorists. They talk about the loss of their friend Scott who died from Cancer. They miss the laughs they had with him. But there are more punishment beatings handed out after the wee fucker who attacked kirals daughter Mary an left her in hospital with a brain injury. He is back at his old ways again. William an Kiral find out that he attacked Scott’s wee mammy after breaking in to her Bungalow in the drive. He didn’t think anyone was at home so when she see’s him she shouts at him to get out of her home but he did the only thing that came in to his head which was a very stupid thing. William an Kiral find out it was him after reading in the paper about a boy up in court an released on bail. They find out he still goes up the steps from Spencer Road to Gobnascale where he lives. This time they use a hammer on him. The police start to question Kiral about the attack because they think it very strange that the same lad should receive attacks on him in the same place. Kirals answer to the police is fuck off an go an investigate the assault on my daughter yeas have done fuck all about that have yeas naw so fuck off. An if you think things are not going right with Kiral the worst is yet to come. William finally gets the court case over him were Kirals brother Patrick is accused of shooting him. But William still says to this day I don’t know who shot me. But Kiral still thinks it was Patrick an when he gets of Kiral just wants to smash his face in. After having the business go well for David William an Kiral William becomes unwell he ends up in hospital after passing out a couple of times an needs an M R I but being a thran fucker he leaves the hospital without receiving it. Then he pass’s out again at work it scares the Be Jesus out of kiral he thought William was dead. So he ends up in hospital again. An after coming round he starts on Jane an Kiral for getting an ambulance. He goes de leave the hospital again but a nurse says if he doesn’t calm down she will send for security. He says de her down you think they will stop me. A doctor comes in an gets him to calm down we just want to find out why this keeps happening to you. Things just get worse from there. Williams good friend kiral ends up in an accident just at the same spot as his parents died. The news is not good for kiral he is rushed de hospital. William just finds out about it when Maureen rings. William thinks its kiral ringing because they had arranged to meet after work for a few pints. But Maureen tells him what happen.

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