Natural Bliss

A Collection of Photo-Poems and Essays, Inspired by Nature
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Natural Bliss is just that – a bliss that dawns spontaneously in Life and while in Nature. It includes bliss that arises naturally in a quiet, curious and attentive mind, which tries to learn about itself and its unique place in the Natural Order. Out of this love for Life and Nature, has emerged this unique collection of inspired poems, photo-poems, essays, photographs and paintings. The author has a professional background in Neuroscience and Neurology and an educational background in Eastern Philosophy, Sanskrit Literature, Yoga and Vedanta. He has a long interest in Meditation. He values formal Sitting Meditation or Dhyānam, and observes Mindful Presence throughout the waking hours. Many of the poems were inspired during his own meditative experiences. He loves Nature Photography and he effectively combines poetry with photography, which has resulted in his unique Photo-Poems. He and his wife, Sunanda enjoy Painting as a hobby and some of their original Paintings are included in this book.

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