Why Me? Why Not Me!

Overcoming Tragedy, Addictions, and Challenges in Life.
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Actions for a Truly Outstanding Life! Has something happened in your life that seems unfair? Of course it has, but have you even thought about your response? This story summarizes some of my own obstacles and how I responded. The actions I chose were not always correct, and believe me, I chose the hard way on many occasions. The truth is, there is no practical reason why I am still on earth with you today, but I am thankful every day I am. My intent is for you to understand there is nothing insurmountable in your life. The journey will be difficult at times, but there is hope. The five actions I’ve developed are not for me alone because I know many people can benefit from this process. There are no quick fixes in this book, and it does take some work on your part. I can only offer this genuine promise to you—if you really apply effort to these actions, your life will be truly exceptional.

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