The Undead President

The Apocalypse is Coming … And It's an Inside Job
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The President of the United States is assassinated by a domestic terrorist organization and lies dead on the operating table. Rather than announce the news, the administration secretly reanimates him through an untested medical process. He comes back to life with an undead agenda that threatens global Armageddon. The administration struggles to explain away the President’s increasingly bizarre behavior to the media. The fate of the world rests with three unlikely women: a reporter for a tabloid cable news network, the estranged first lady, and the isolated vice president. The big problem: no one can really be sure of the undead President’s plans as he spins out of control. It seems the President hopes to remake the world in his own undead image. A single reanimated corpse now holds the fate of humanity in his hands, and few people know the truth. No one knows what really happened to the President, no one knows what he’s planning next, and no one knows how to stop him.

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