Exploring Sex, Love and Lust

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Mind-blowing, revealing, and exciting answers to the most intimate questions from “What’s going on down there?” to “I wonder if my partner is getting as much out of this as I am.” to “How can I perform better?” You'll not only get answers to those questions that can sometimes be embarrassing, and many more, but you'll also get the practical science behind the answers. When we try to improve our sex lives, the first thing we think of is technique. It’s only natural to want to learn the best ways to use our bodies, lips, mouths, fingers, our most sensitive spots, and even places you didn’t even know you had. This book tells it all. Have you ever wanted to be the best lover? When we have sex, it's natural to wonder if our partner enjoys it as much as we do. We wonder if they understand our innermost desires. We wonder what they want and what we might do better – for both of you. We constantly look to please and be pleased. The best person to confide in, of course, is the person you’re having sex with, but we often find it difficult. Within the pages of this book you’ll discover how to get over this awkwardness. The best sex is within a loving relationship. In fact, the most amazing sex is between two people who give themselves completely and unreservedly to each other. Amazing sex strengthens the bond, and you will discover how you can continue this wonderful activity well into old age.

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