WOUNDS CAUSED BY GOSSIP Attitudes And Conflicts In The Workplace

How To Deal With Difficult People And Situations On The Job
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  • Published: July 2014
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Wounds Caused by Gossip Ministry has been empowered by kingdom of God to equips, train, inform, educate, that we may bring the body of Christ together as one in the spirit. It is time for the church of the living God to help restore our workplace, churches, families, and communities back to God. We live in a society that is flooded with gossip and conflicts. And we just ignore it, because we as people in general love to gossip and keep up conflicts in our world today. But what happen when gossip and conflict infiltrate the workplace and the church. We must realize the core of our problems that we are faced with today is gossip and conflicts that has effect many and cause them to be wounded. Many people can endure all kinds of physical affliction, but when our spirit is wounded and a wounded-spirited person is someone who has been hurt and bruised and/or damaged in their spirit – it can be very painful and hurtful. A wounded spirit comes as a result of a re-action to negative words, events, actions, or a violation of your person or rights – a re-action that crushes you, knocks you down and from which you cannot seem to rise. It crushes an area of your life – your spirit – which is quite devastating in how it affects us. It seems we cannot heal ourselves of a wounded spirit. We see our churches, workplace and even our political government has failed. When we as believers who believe in the power of God’s Word we can put a stop to gossip and conflicts in our world today and bring about kingdom changes. We as a people must bring God back in our lives, workplace and our churches and align ourselves under the might hands of God. That why this ministry called “Wound Caused by Gossip ministry” has been orchestrate by God to impact and to transform attitudes that don’t line up with the Word of God. It is time for us as a people to achieve our spiritual and natural goals by changing our environment in our workplace and our churches so we can see His will done in our lives as it is in heaven. Many people individual love this ministry. Many of them have gave their testimony how your books on gossip and conflict has cause me to change and be deliver from emotional wounds. In order for us to change we as leaders in workplace and those in the church must understand what is the problem that is hurting and eating away in the workplace and the church? When we understand that gossip and conflict is the basis problems we them must embrace these evil attitudes and find biblical answers to help us overcome these attitudes. Leaders must begin using strategy such as Leaders must begin using strategy such as seminars, workshops, and resources that will address issues of gossip and conflicts. “We must shine the light of God’s Word and expose gossip and conflicts”

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