The Legend of Joe Golfer

A Salute to the Regular Player
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The Legend of Joe Golfer offers regular recreational golfers the helpful golf tips and suggestions of a personal caddie—at one’s fingertips. Whether you’re an unskilled beginner, or a seasoned advanced-level player, this book will improve the quality of your game. For those Joe or Jane Golfers who’ve recently purchased the best brand-name clubs and golfing equipment available, visions of perfectly crisp ball striking and precisely placed shots don’t immediately appear in play as advertised. Instead, you continue spraying your bad shots all over the course—like a groundskeeper watering the course grounds for the next day’s play. Chris Kalwa has been there, he’s done that, and he feels your bad-shot aches and pains. In The Legend of Joe Golfer, Chris shares his uniquely crafted golf story: a passionate twelve-year journey of endless playing trials and tribulations. This book provides all regular players with a looking-glass through which anyone can relate to and connect with. You’ll understand why you got addicted to this ancient and beautiful game, and learn how you can best prepare for and enhance your enjoyment of golf.

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