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Vern Webb has always taken pride in his ability to live in the present. As head of Midwest Industries, he seems like a typical CEO with typical challenges. But what no one knows is that he is harboring two secrets: his criminal past and an illicit drug laundering operation hidden within his company. Webb’s competitor is Ellie Torquemada Smith, a beautiful Mexican immigrant who leads AgriBusiness. Smith, who has risen to dominance by pursuing powerful, intelligent, and wealthy men and learning everything she can from them, is scheming to take over Midwest Industries when a covert attack is launched, seemingly with the intent to destroy Webb by revealing his well-hidden past. After several bizarre shootings, Smith is shot herself in a hospital parking lot. As she slowly recovers, gun control lobbyists and NOW use the incident to transform her into a public heroine. Meanwhile, influential people intent on incriminating Webb and the drug merchants exert pressure and offer a bribe in exchange for Smith’s help. As a crisis mounts, neither CEO pulls punches, but neither does anyone else around them. Skyscrapers is the compelling story of two self-made CEOS as their paths cross and one of them meets their destiny.

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