Legend of Zandora

Birth of the Maiden
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With her grandmother too old to travel, and unable to find freedom from her mother’s skepticism about her father’s strange disappearance, Paige decides to venture out on her own. Her journey takes her into a world of Zandora, filled with adventure that leaves her wondering if she has the capability to endure the hardships, and the means of getting out of situations she finds herself in. She’ll discover that to survive Zandora she’ll have to change the way she thinks about hunger, anger, hopelessness, and a broken heart before she can continue on. She’ll come to understand that true love and loyalty brings sacrifices, and both can easily be taken away. It will take the friendship of a very old and wise spider named Gundar to break through her stubbornness and show her that with age comes experience, with experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes wisdom. Finally, under Gundar’s guidance, Paige realizes she has weaknesses and she is unable to make this journey alone. She places her fate in the most unlikely animals and creatures as she accepts the responsibility as the Maiden of Zandora. In the end we see Paige transform from a teenager that knew everything to a young women asking the question. “Was it worth it?” And together we find the answer.

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