we've left something out of the gospel
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NO ONE IS TOO DIRTY FOR GOD’S LOVE The church and modern Christianity has lost its authenticity! No one wants to tell their “dirty” stories of redemption anymore. We live in a broken world, full of fallen people who act as if they have no flaws once they have come to Jesus. As Christians we are afraid to get “dirty." We are afraid of people's brokenness. We are afraid to deal with pain. We are afraid to deal with the issues Jesus came to comfort. We are afraid to really be like Jesus! Were we not that “dirty” sinner before we found grace? Were we not the one who was in desperate need of saving? Were we not the one who felt unworthy to be loved by the God of the universe? Are we still not one who struggles with sin every now and then after coming to Jesus? So why have we forgotten our redemption story? Why are we afraid to reflect on where God brought us from? Dirty Christianity will challenge you on a prescriptive scriptural journey of transparency and authenticity to tell your redemption story and make the gospel relevant to those who desperately need the loving embrace of God the Father, the amazing grace through Jesus Christ and the refreshing filling of the Holy Spirit. In turn, this gospel that has changed your life just may grip you again.

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