CCT-The Eye of the Storm

Volume II – The GWOT Years
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  • Published: October 2012
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  • Pages: 438
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Almost as soon as the second hijacked 767 struck the south tower of the world trade center, Air Force Combat Controllers began to report to their bases and pack their gear. Spread around the world in special tactics squadrons, these airmen would provide the lightly armed U.S. Army Special Forces teams with a number of capabilities that would turn them into world-class killing machines."

John D. Gresham
Author, "Air Force Combat Controllers at War"
Afghanistan 2001

"These single Americans had the power to conjure lightning bolts out of the sky.........
....…what happened in Afghanistan is one of the most extraordinary stories in military history."

Mark Bowden
Author, "Blackhawk Down"
Somalia, 1999

"Individually, they are specially selected, specially trained, and, in support of special operations, almost daily bring American airpower to bear on our nation’s enemies. Indeed, they are very remarkable warriors, and this book will help many understand why so many of us hold our Combat Controllers in such incredibly high regard."

Dr. James G. Roche
Secretary of the United States Air Force
2001 - 2005

"…if you asked what tool of the trade would be the very last they would leave behind, you might be surprised at the answer. You would likely hear that it is not a tool that makes one nervous when it isn’t there, but rather a capability that is not organic to a troop of Delta Operators or Navy SEALs"

"Just because you are the best of the best does not mean you are the best at everything. Any Delta operator can vouch for the capabilities of the air force combat controllers, and very rarely goes on a ‘hit’ without the men who wear the scarlet berets."

Dalton Fury
Delta Force Commander, Tora Bora, December 2001
Author, "Kill Bin Laden" - 2008

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