The Home Chef’s Kitchen Medical Emergency Guide

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WARNING: HOME CHEF AT WORK! Fine dining at home with family and friends is one of life’s true pleasures, yet the kitchen can be a dangerous place. Fire, electricity, heat, scalding hot water, smoke, sharp knives and culinary gizmos and gadgets all present dangers that would not go unnoticed in any environment other than the kitchen. Combined with wine and alcohol, it’s no wonder that accidental kitchen fires are the #1 source of home fires and fire injuries, with cuts, burns, bruises and choking incidents the leading reasons for hospital emergency room visits. The Home Chef’s Emergency Medical Guide is a useful kitchen companion for every home chef, whether he or she is toiling over a sizzling sauté pan, wielding a razor-sharp Japanese chopping knife or blowtorching a crème brûlée. While not a substitute for professional medical treatment, this is a first-line guide to prevention and emergency care amid the mayhem that often occurs preparing a fine meal at home. Jack Sholl is a science and medical writer. Illustrations: Jamie Cooper Editorial direction: Veronica Rodriguez

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