Acentric Theology
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  • Published: June 2012
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  • Pages: 218
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781477213216
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Reduced to elemental terms, THEOGENESIS is about the universal dynamic of communication, consciousness, conscience and wisdom. These correlate to each other as cause and effect. The dynamic of evolution in enlarging wisdom is by way of TRIMORPHIC RESONANCE, the continued harmonizing of faith, hope and love, by way of communication, consciousness and conscience — the process of Symbiotic Evolution. If NOVOGENESIS is about communication, and METAGENESIS is about consciousness, and THEOGENESIS is about conscience, then CHRISTOGENESIS is about wisdom. And what is wisdom? It is Eucharistic Altruism, the intentional giving-over of self to other in interests of common wellbeing. Ultimately, faith/ hope/ love come to Eucharistic Altruism. Evolution’s trajectory (cogitata perficiendo, cogitando sic perfecta) is forward toward altruism, self-reflective CHRISTOGENESIS — the intentional choosing to be sacrificial. This is the point and purpose, not just of Christianity, but of Nature’s Symbiotic Altruism, other-directed — what is the authentic conscience of faith and reason, common to all authentic religion.

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