There Are No Enemies

A Practical Philosophy of Life
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Th ere Are No Enemies explores a Practical Phi losophy of Life for huma nk ind based upon reverence for life and Th e Science of Being Altogether fi rst off ered by A ristotle, the Philosopher. Human beings are al l deemed to share a com mon spiritualit y which c an be accessed by the indiv idua l conscience and is div i ne, operating in the fi eld of understanding. Th e fi eld of science shares the same source as the fi eld of spir itua lity Writ ten by an arti st-scholar, the a r tistic suspension of disbelief is off ered to eff ect a vision of humanit y part icipating harmoniously in the Life Force of t he universe itsel f and using a s a touchstone for their common spirituality, their own religion, their own God, Allah, Yahwah, cal led by any name or no name. Following t he philosophy applicat ions of it are off ered concerni ng Iraq, Israel, Terrorists, the Money God, Hatred, Diplomacy, t he War Machine, Aust ralian Aboriginal Spiritual it y, Native American Peace Examples as well a s poetry excerpted from the author’s other books: Th uGun and Natasha, Th e Round Table, Maria and the Comet and Anz ac to Understanding.

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