Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind
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Eduardo Chapunoff, M.D. Chief of Cardiology Named “One of America's Top Cardiologists" by The Customers' Research Council of America 2009. Author of 9 books Howard Paul, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Master Therapist Medical School Professor Internationally renown What the Professionals are Saying From Arnold Lazarus, Ph.D Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University "...Sprinkled with humor... the book was an enjoyable and often enlightening experience. ... these two doctors cover interesting and important territory, A few examples: what lies behind human cruelty, uncontrollable anger, jealousy, guilt, stubbornness, bullying, co-dependence and importantly, self-esteem." From Myron Gessner, M.D. Associate Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, "Dr. Paul shows remarkable knowledge while Dr. Chapunoff shows wonderful insight and sensitivity. This superb book is Insightful, informative, in-depth, yet easy and fascinating to read. ..It has important information for everyone. " From Peter Nathan, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa "A humane book ... written accessibly and with much kindness , focusing on the heart of psychological conflicts that have challenged us all." From Carol Goodheart, Ed.D., 2010 President of The American Psychological Association "Listen in on wide ranging conversations between two eminent healers about the mysteries of the mind...on what drives people to sorrow, greed and conflicts of all sorts, even murder. will find understandable, humane and evidence- based avenues to self-worth and mental health. A welcome addition to every bookshelf."

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