A Dual Biography of America’s Civil War Presidents
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The story of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln is the story of the United States, and without either of their lives and influence we would not be the nation we are today. They were born within 9 months and 100 miles of each other in Kentucky log cabins. Their parallel lives from that point forward were eerily similar in spite of Davis remaining a life-long Southerner and Lincoln moving to and settling in Illinois. Each man had cold, emotionally distant fathers, both lost their first loves to disease within one month of each other, married strong Southern women much younger than themselves, and lost young sons while Presidents of the Union and the Confederacy. Both men were ambitious and drawn to the world of politics where Davis, an ardent slaveholder and state rights leader and Lincoln, seeking to limit and eradicate slavery, worked tirelessly to avoid Civil War up to the moment of Southern secession. Finally, Lincoln and Davis were each considered martyrs after leading their nations through the conclusion of the Civil War. This is their compelling story, including comparing the stark political events of their era to those being replayed across today’s America. For more information about the book and/or the author please visit

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