The 1925 Tri-State Tornado’s Devastation in Franklin County, Hamilton County, and White County, Illinois

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  • Published: April 2012
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When the tornado roared across southern Missouri, southern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana for many hours during the afternoon on March 18th in 1925, there was now way that people along the tornado path would know it was occurring before they could see it. This was because there was no radar systems then and the National Weather Service was not able to let people know that a tornado was going to occur or that there was a tornado already occurring since they did not know much about tornadoes. So, the only way a person then was able to know that a tornado was occurring and it was going to hit them was when they were able to see it close to where they were and realize that it was a tornado. This story shows in Franklin, Hamilton, and White Counties in Illinois what some people saw and what they did, and what happened to them when the tornado hit them.

This story also has many detailed maps across the townships in Franklin, Hamilton, and White Counties in Illinois that show where many peoples homes, many schools and churches, and other things were located when they were hit by the tornado and damaged or destroyed. Some of the maps also show where some people landed after they were blown well away from there home. There are also some pictures in this story that shows what some homes, schools and other things looked like when they were damaged or damaged by the tornado. And a few of them show what they looked like before they were hit by the tornado. Some of the eyewitnesses of this tornado that I net with and went on driving surveys with are shown on pictures in this book.

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