The Hill Witch

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In Lancaster, Connecticut, a boy has been murdered. His grave awaits him in the farmer’s field beside the killer’s other victims.
And no one knows they’re out there.
She won’t allow it.
She needs the killer, needs the boys he kills, and as long as she does, she will protect him...
and the boys will continue to die...
They always have to die screaming.
And in the distance, a pair of eyes glowing with a midnight blue light...
...her eyes...watching... peeling back the layers of their minds...
...their souls...
Margaret Adler has been searching for something. She’s waited, teaching ninth grade science at the high school, studying Lancaster’s sons, watching them, day after day...
...until now.
Jeremy McKee, a popular fifteen-year-old, admired and respected by friends and family alike, has what she wants. He is the key to power such as the world has never seen.
Power like unto a god.
A power Margaret will claim for herself, even if she has to destroy Jeremy and everyone he loves in order to get it.
She’s waited long enough.
It’s time for the endgame to begin.

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