Shenakht-e Donya-ye Gharb

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"Shenakht-e Donya-ye Gharb” (Understanding the Western World) is a 670 page book that will take you on a journey through numerous history-making events in the Western world from ancient times leading to the contemporary period. This multi-dimensional (historical, religious, cultural, political and psychoanalytical) book is rich with facts and enlightening material which are often eye-openers.

This work will help Persian (Farsi) readers to learn and understand the depths of Western socio-cultural background which is distinct and different from Eastern culture. This may enable them to have better communication with, and more realistic expectations of Western society, and follow their own legitimate interests in the complex world they live in.

Western society and culture is best understood by viewing it from the angle of the West's own historical background and experiences, as can be learned from this book, rather than through the lenses of other societies' beliefs and ideologies.

"Shenakht-e Donya-ye Gharb” is a classic and lasting book that will remain relevant and enlightening for generations to come, and therefore will have a permanent place on libraries' book shelves.

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