The Educated Consumers Guide to No-Fault Automobile Insurance

How America can save billions in Medicaid costs and create comprehensive and unlimited medical benefits for life, for American’s, who are catastrophically injured (brain and spinal cord injuries) in automobile accidents!
  • Published: August 2005
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 192
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781420859485
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This book is about a solution to a huge problem!


Catastrophic injury in an automobile accident is a very serious life altering event.

Are you prepared? Have you ever considered it? Can you imagine the impact on you or your loved ones if this very unfortunate event visited you?


According to a Harvard Medical School study medical bills cause an average of 2 million personal bankruptcies every year, most of those people have health insurance. Are you an automobile accident away from bankruptcy?


What Kind of Automobile insurance do you have? What is your coverage for personal injury? Does it cover in home nursing care after a brain injury or spinal cord injury?

What kind of Health insurance coverage do you have? Does it cover in home nursing care after a catastrophic automobile accident? Does it provide wage loss benefits?


Michigan is the only state in America that provides lifetime unlimited medical benefits, which covers products and services (including in home nursing care and wage loss benefits) needed as the result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident!  Why doesn’t your state?


Brain injury is a silent epidemic in America, every year there are over 1.5 million brain injuries in America and 44% are from Automobile accidents! Spinal cord injuries from Automobile accidents are significant as well!


If you or your loved ones are in a catastrophic automobile accident, this is how the process will flow in every other state than Michigan. You will be transported to a Hospital by ambulance and then you will receive the maximum medical care allowed under your automobile and health insurance. Once both of those limits of coverage are exhausted you will be sent home regardless of your condition. Then you will discover that you do not have in home nursing care coverage. Then you will spend your personal assets, to buy the services you need. Then you will run out of resources, at which point you can qualify for Medicaid services (based on economic need) and then discover there is an acute nursing shortage in America, and super-acute shortage for the low paying Medicaid assignments. Whatever level of benefit you do qualify for under Medicaid is wholly inadequate compared to your very real need. Once you qualify for Medicaid you are precariously close to personal bankruptcy and losing your home. There is a solution!


The Michigan Model for No-Fault Automobile insurance is a solution that will serve to provide a quality of life including in home nursing care for accident victims and at the same time it will save States billions of dollars in Medicaid costs.


Please start today and get educated on this subject, review your coverage ( lack of coverage) on your automobile and health insurance policies and check the low limits of coverage and ask yourself, why don’t we have what Michigan has?

Then lobby your state Governor and State Legislators to adopt the Michigan Model for No-Fault Automobile Insurance. You already pay for automobile insurance why aren’t you getting unlimited medical benefits for life, like Michigan?


This book explains all of the benefits in detail as well as how this model is funded by the purchasers of the insurance and provides the win/win dynamic of a cap on cost’s for insurers while providing benefits for life for automobile accident victims. This model was created by the Michigan Legislature who in their wisdom crafted a plan that is comprehensive and compassionate.


40% of all royalties are being donated as follows: 20% to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association and 20% to the Brain Injury Association of America.


It is your fault if you don’t know about no-fault!

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