AIDS: The "Perfect" Disease

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  • Published: November 2002
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Is AIDS the culmination of a little-known set of published experiments in which cancer researchers induced tumors in human subjects using monkey cancer viruses?

In 1981, alarmed doctors detected the beginning of an unprecedented epidemic of what the New York Times called "a rare and often rapidly fatal form of cancer" in human populations. This emerging epidemic of previously rare cancers was caused by a "new" type of human immunosuppressive virus, which was eventually named HIV.

As it turns out, the novel form of immune system damage caused by HIV and the resultant cancer epidemic have actually been extremely beneficial to cancer researchers seeking to develop human cancer vaccines.

And, contrary to public perception, cancer-inducing viruses like HIV were not new in 1981. They were created and tested decades earlier by cancer researchers as a means of controllably increasing susceptibility to cancer in animals for cancer vaccine research. Along with various cancer viruses, some of these animal immunosuppressive viruses were modified for growth in human cell cultures just before the AIDS/cancer epidemic began. And previous to this, cancer researchers conducted and published numerous experiments in which they deliberately induced tumors in human subjects with monkey sarcoma and tumor viruses.

This research brings up terrifying questions: Could the immunosuppressive AIDS virus have been created and unleashed in human populations for experimental purposes? And will the AIDS-related sarcoma epidemic provide data similar to that gleaned from experiments in which immunosuppressive viruses were injected in animal populations to induce cancer? In other words, is HIV doing exactly what it was designed to do?

To answer these questions, the author publishes this hard-hitting exposé of grotesquely unethical human experimentation in the search for cancer vaccines. In this study, titled AIDS: THE "PERFECT" DISEASE, it is proposed that decades of animal experiments with increasingly sophisticated viruses developed to induce selective immunosuppression, along with dangerous cross-species experiments in which various monkey cancer viruses were modified and injected to induce human cancers, culminated in the epidemic of immunosuppression and useful cancers now associated with the monkey virus which causes AIDS.

Additionally, the author provides disturbing evidence for his thesis that AIDS is the "perfect" disease not only for cancer vaccine research but also for implementing a slow form of biological warfare using vaccines as delivery vehicles. The fantastic but hidden benefits that HIV is providing the intertwined cancer research and national security establishments are revealed in this book. This study also reviews the fascinating history behind the human and animal cancer virus experiments that set the stage for the AIDS epidemic and will tell you exactly how and why the author believes the epidemic was created as an exercise in biological warfare under the cover of a human cancer experiment.

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