It's No Secret Anymore

  • Published: May 2002
  • Format: Casebound Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 192
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9780759621848
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Ursula Kanel, a women who experienced life, first at it’s best, then at it’s worst. Ursula found it difficult to overcome the horrors of the past and enjoy the fruits of her future.

A woman seeking happiness, but alienating those wanting to help her find it.

Ursula, a beautiful German woman, introduced to important German men, only to have World War II interrupt her idealistic life. She fled her home in front of the Russian invasion, losing contact with her past.

This book follows Ursula from her youth in Europe through her marriage(s) and her arrival in America.

Her dreams were fulfilled, becoming a wealthy woman, however she had difficulty finding happiness in any lasting form.

Peggy Love is a woman who has also had losses and changes in her life, but unlike Ursula, found happiness and thrived on it. She has led a full life with her husband, four children, many grandchildren, and lots of friends. Peggy did not have to run for her life during the war, but she was forced to change schools, move to a different state, and endure her mother suffering from tuberculosis during her childhood. Peggy did grow up with lots of love and never wanted to live in the past, but move on to the future.

Peggy and Ursula’s stories are very different, yet the reader will find common ground. They both lost loved ones and sacrificed part of their youths, Peggy for her mother and Ursula for her father.

This book chronicles these two lives to the point, where as fate would have it, they begin a strange relationship that lasts until Ursula’s death.

It’s No Secret Anymore is based on fact. Peggy tells her own story. Ursula’s story is from letters, albums, and journals she hid away that were found after her death. She also confided parts of her life to a few people, including Peggy.

By putting all this information together, a clear picture of the secret life Ursula lived finally emerged and many questions were answered at last.

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