The Wolf Boys' Club

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Hidden in the heights of the Colorado Rocky Mountains outside of Denver stands the Complex, a government facility so secret it doesn’t officially exist. Within, seven boys suffer from a deadly disease, one that causes them to fear the open air more than anything else, more than any nightmare any child has ever had.

They were told to resign themselves to their fate.

They were told that finding a cure would be a miracle.

They were told they were never going to leave this place as long as they were alive, and that’s what they’ve always believed--

-- until now.

Oliver Taylor is leaving the Complex for the first time in fifteen years. He’ll breathe unfiltered air. He’ll know the touch of another human being. He’ll see the world that was denied him. Through a freak twist of fate, he’s gone into total remission. The doctors are baffled by his sudden health, but loathe letting him go for other reasons.

Oliver knows too much. He simply can’t be allowed to go free.

Jake Danziger, government operative for the Agency, a branch of the intelligence network with supreme authority, is assigned to him. His job? Be a father figure to a boy who has never had one--

-- and watch him. Watch him closely.

But how is Jake supposed to do that when Oliver keeps disappearing?

And people keep dying?

And Oliver himself seems unaware of anything other than his incredible intelligence, his strength, his speed--

-- and his memories.

Shadowy flashes of doctors in surgical masks, of shiny scalpels and a lifetime of agony.

Is there another truth hidden within all the secrets?

Will Oliver survive to save his brothers?

And what lies waiting inside the Complex that the doctors fear so much?

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