In the Company of Sacred Cows

A True Story of Organizational Change
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While 70% of all organizational change initiatives fail, this one succeeded – and improved telecom producer Mitel Corporation’s bottom line profitability by a factor of 40.

            Like many organizations, Mitel’s entrenched processes, procedures and policies – its “Sacred Cows” – had resulted in products that were slow getting to market. When they did get to market many products had quality problems. The sluggish company culture was also making it impossible for Mitel to face a looming technology shift and do battle with new brand of competitors who threatened to wipe the company out.

            Authors Geoff Smith and Stephen Quesnelle were front and center driving the change that saved Mitel: Geoff as the Vice President of Research and Development with 500 engineers reporting to him and Stephen as the Organizational Development (OD) professional partnered with Geoff to help lead the turnaround.

            Refreshing and engaging, this book tells how Geoff and Stephen met the challenge head-on. They used a behavior based leadership approach based on over 50 years of scientific research, plus their own creative initiatives to “kill” the Sacred Cows.

More than a fascinating case study, this book provides all the hard-hitting lessons learned by the company, by Geoff as the Change Champion and by Stephen as the Change Agent. In the Company of Sacred Cows provides you with a framework for making organizational change in your company. Whether your business is growing or shrinking, this book provides you with a how-to manual with the real-life tools and techniques you need to meet rapidly changing business demands.


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