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As cliché as it may sound, images speak louder than words. Information can be much easier to digest and comprehend if presented visually. In an infographic alone, you can go through a substantial amount of data that you can use to make better bookselling or publishing decisions.

Below are some infographics and videos that might help you make those important choices, no matter where you are in your publishing journey.

Publishing Planners for Writers and Authors

Planning your New Year resolutions or trying to stay productive during the busy holiday season? Use this 2019 planner to reflect on what you’ve achieved and think about your goals. Part of planning for the year ahead, after all, is looking back to the year that was.

Starting the Year Write: New Year Resolutions for Authors

Not sure what publishing goal to pursue next? Perhaps you can take inspiration from this list of New Year resolutions we’ve prepared for aspiring authors.

Challenge Accepted: The New Year, New Book Challenge

Looking forward to finish your book this year? Make it happen by doing this writing challenge.

Self-Publishing Myths Debunked

Over the past few years, self-publishing has managed to bring something new and valuable to the publishing industry—especially to aspiring authors. But there are still quite a lot of misunderstandings surrounding this path. We debunk some of these misconceptions to help you determine fact from fiction.

Overcoming Writing Hurdles: Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors

Writer’s block—an all too familiar complaint by aspiring authors. Has writer’s block kept you from reaching your goals too? Our authors might be able to give you advice. After all, they were once in your shoes. Find out how they managed to escape their rut and finally publish their book.

Anatomy of a Book

Ask yourself this: Do you know which parts to include in your soon-to-be-published book? Knowing which parts to include and which ones to leave out can help lend credibility to your work. Learn more about the different parts of your book in this infographic.

Your Publishing Essentials

What’s a publishing package and what are the things included in each bundle? We explain each basic publishing tool that make up an AuthorHouse publishing package and how they can help you achieve your literary goals. Find out more about these services in this infographic.

Why AuthorHouse Isn’t Your Typical Publishing Company

Here at AuthorHouse, we believe in a world where all literary dreams can become reality and where all aspiring authors can have a book that they can truly call their own. This is why we built our AuthorCentric publishing model to empower writers with full creative control on their work. Find out more about this approach in this video.

Meet Your Publishing Team

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. It takes a team to accomplish your goals—and you can even find one of your own when you publish with us! Your AuthorHouse team will help prepare your work—from publication to marketing. Meet the people you’ll be working with in this infographic.

How AuthorHouse Books Are Made

Unlike the traditional path, supported self-publishing gives all aspiring authors full control of their work—from publication to marketing to distribution. But how exactly can this process help you accomplish your publishing goals? Watch this video to find out.

How to Publish Your First Book With Our Help

Every literary accomplishment has to begin somewhere, so why not begin yours with our help? Read this infographic and find out how we can help you kick-start your journey.

Edit Like A Pro in 7 Steps

Editing should always begin with you—the writer. Yes, we know it can be quite difficult especially if you’re not an editor yourself. But with this guide, you should be able to transition from writer to editor in no time.

How AuthorHouse Can Help You Polish Your Book

Of course it pays to have your work edited professionally too. Make sure that your soon-to-be-published book is the best possible version with our help. Read this infographic and find out how we can help you achieve this goal.

Personal Branding 101: How to Build Your Author Brand

Like you, there are writers who dream of making their mark in the publishing industry. So how do you stand out from the crowd? This is where a concrete author brand comes in handy. Read this infographic for a 5-step guide on how you can create and develop your brand.