Welcome to AuthorHouse Testimonials, where AuthorHouse Published Authors tell you all about their self-publishing experiences in their own words.

Fabianna Marie

“I loved every part of this process, from designing the book cover to working with the editing team. Knowing that my words are exactly my thoughts put onto the paper is such a sense of accomplishment.”

Fabianna Marie is the author of Fabulously Fighting.

Leigh and Renee Macneil

“We had ultimate control over our work and did not feel that we had to change our message to cater to a large publishing company’s rules.”

Leigh and Renee Macneil are the authors of Spaz: The True Story of My Life with ADHD.

Simon Cooper

“My favorite part of self-publishing was how easy AuthorHouse made it for me; they were helpful and patient throughout. In all honesty, without AuthorHouse, I wouldn’t have been able to complete a book of such a high standard.”

Simon Cooper is the author of Hairy Lemon Cookbook.

Susie L. Landown-Clarke

“The end result was amazing, and a personal milestone that I’m grateful to share.”

Susie L. Landown-Clarke is the author of Mental Illness: MI Doesn’t Look Like Me.

Joseph A. Graffagnino

“I had total control of my work, and no one could edit or change what I wrote unless I approved it. With a traditional publisher, once you sign the contract you turn over control and the book company can edit and change whatever they want.”

Joseph A. Graffagnino is the author of The Fix Is In: The Deutsch Bank Building Fire Conspiracy.

Victoria M. Howard

“I’ve self-published 15 books over the past ten years. To me, writing books it is like getting a tattoo—once you get one you want another. Self-publishing has become my career and life, and working with AuthorHouse has been a joy.”

Alicia Garcia

“Self-publishing with AuthorHouse was a great experience because we worked together as a team, and I didn’t have to concern myself with the aspects of publishing that are out of my wheelhouse. I was able to focus on writing and providing a good manuscript. They handled the details, and their design team created both a beautiful cover and a very professional interior design. They took care of things that I never would have considered.”

Alicia Garcia is the author of Overcoming Obstacles.

Carolyn Breckinridge

“It’s fun and worthwhile to be the captain of one’s own ship, and every one of my contacts at AuthorHouse has been extremely professional, helpful, and supportive. The books themselves look great. For me, self-publishing has been a very good experience.”

Carolyn Breckinridge is the author of Tuscaloosa Boneyard and Tuscaloosa Moon.

Rhonda K. Gatlin

“My publishing consultant was able to slowly walk me through each step concerning the packages at AuthorHouse. He knew that this was all new to me, and he made me feel like he really cared about me and my manuscript. Through the entire process, I felt that I could always depend on him for confidence, encouragement, and the direction to continue until I held the first copy of my book in my hands.”

Rhonda K. Gatlin is the author of Granny’s Cobbler.

Nancy Baker-Dansby and her father, Carl A. Dansby

“I’m writing to inform you about the wonderful experience I’ve had while getting (my Dad) Carl A. Baker’s book and my book published. It all started with our author consultant, who has been extremely helpful, guiding us through this new adventure. The way he conducts business makes you feel as if you were the only customer. He’s upfront and honest, and has turned out to be a very dear friend. Thank you for helping me to make my Dad’s life-long dream come true!!”

Nancy Baker-Dansby and her father, Carl A. Dansby, are the authors of Where Do You Live? and Brick Walls (respectively).

Donna Heckler

“An important thing to remember is that with an organization like AuthorHouse, they have the processes; they keep you on track and make sure you know what has to be done next. The author has control of the creative process within the context of AH process – which can lead to great success.”

Donna Heckler is the author of Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer.

Dr. Robert L. Heichberger

“What a marvelous experience! Over the past five years, I’ve had six books published by AuthorHouse. For each book, from start to finish, the entire publishing experience was most excellent indeed! The consultant personnel and the entire staff are a joy to work with. What a pleasure it is to be associated with such a fine organization. I’m now working on my seventh book and I expect to ask AuthorHouse to work with me again on this exciting publishing experience.”

Dr. Robert L. Heichberger is the author of six AuthorHouse titles, including The Happy Pattern Road and We Will be Friends Forever.

Amitabh Sengupta

“Moreover, AuthorHouse, indeed launched me as a writer with wonderful and meticulous customer support. The book, as I received, was unbelievable – a fine paperback production, with acid free paper. I found a momentum as my book continues to reach readers at a global level.”

Amitabh Sengupta is the author of Scroll Paintings of Bengal.

Denise Kissell

“AuthorHouse, from start to finish, has been a delight to work with. I have learned a lot from them, and will continue to use them!”

Denise Kissell is the author of Mr. Stinkbug Takes a Trip.

Kathi Macias

“I loved that the waiting time between turning in the completed manuscript and the release of the book was so short, as compared to traditional publishers. I also loved that we (my co-author and I) retained the rights, something that does not happen with traditional publishing. And I loved being involved in each aspect of the publishing process.”

Kathi Macias is the author of Emma Jean Reborn.

Tom and Nancy Wise

“I think the most exciting part of any writing process is holding the work in your hands. For us, it was incorporating the ideas and artistry of our children in the process. Self-publishing allowed us the freedom to that on our own terms.”

Tom and Nancy Wise are the authors of The Borealis Genome.

Angela Preston

“Having the final say about my manuscript was probably what I valued most, along with the fantastic support from everyone associated with AuthorHouse. My journey was so much more enjoyable because of those people and the help and advice they gave throughout the process.”

Angela Preston is the author of Opening Doors.

Beth R. Minear

“I enjoyed having the ultimate control over my finished project. Every detail was my choice.”

Dan Roberts

“Working with the entire AuthorHouse team [was my favorite part of self-publishing]! Everyone was very professional, prompt, and courteous with their communications.”

Dan Roberts is the author of Concealed.

Karen Franks

“The [AuthorHouse] team excites you about your project and gives you encouragement.”

Karen Franks is the author of Abigail’s Dream Adventures.

April Boyd-Noronha

“AuthorHouse provides just the right amount of coaching, expertise, guidance, and (constructive) pressure to get the book from the initial to final phase. The author is always in control, while the various team members at AuthorHouse are the constant cheerleaders from start to finish. They are genuinely just as vested in the author’s success.”

April Boyd-Noronha is the author of The Soul of a Single Parent.

Trina Licavoli Gunzel

“The assisted self-publishing option I chose through AuthorHouse was a wonderful experience. I received helpful feedback and still was able to have input on my book. I enjoyed working with every professional throughout the publishing process.”

Trina Licavoli Gunzel is the author of Grandmas Are Gorgeous!.

Anthony Weathers

“My favorite part about this whole experience is seeing people review my book and saying these incredible things. When people understand the message that I’m trying to convey, it’s really heart-warming because I feel like I am making a difference.”

Anthony Weathers is the author of Why Ruin Another Life.

Janet Killeen

“I hugely enjoy the very friendly telephone contact I’ve had with all the representatives of AuthorHouse; I’ve build up a sense of friendship with many of them over the past twelve months.”

Janet Killeen is the author of There is a Season.

John Carvalho

“[My favorite part of self-publishing was) having the freedom to write what I wanted. I totally enjoyed incorporating my own content and style without the fear of censorship by editors or the publisher.”

John Carvalho is the author of The Crisis of Our Time.

James Arena

“The best part of self-publishing is retaining control of your vision – the look and style of your book as you think it should exist.”

Bruce Kindig

“[AuthorHouse] helped guide me through the entire process, and I don’t think I could have published it without their guidance.”

Bruce Kindig is the author of Courage and Devotion.

Lynne Lexow

“My favorite part of self-publishing was being able to choose a cover from the stunning designs done by AuthorHouse’s designers.”

Lynne Lexow is the author of Fallen Angel and Face in the Mirror: Daphne.

Robert and Isabel Phillips

“Our inspiration throughout the self-publishing experience came from the help, courtesy and professionalism of the dedicated AuthorHouse team.”

Robert and Isabel Phillips are the authors of Tammy the Seagull.

Michael Ford II

“Thankfully, when it was time for my book to be published, I found AuthorHouse. It has truly been a blessing to work with this company. Their service has been impeccable, and my book is of the top-notch quality.”

Michael Ford II is the author of So, You Have a Dream...Now What?.

Kristen Mott

“These stories are very close to my heart and I enjoyed having the creative control over the illustrations and overall design. I was able to create my books to fit my original vision.”

Kristen Mott is the author of Odie the Stray Kitten.

D.C. Donohue

“The excitement of seeing your hard work in the draft and illustration process, through the layout and production stages, until you are finally holding your first copy is an amazing feeling. You can still smell the newness of the freshly illustrated printed pages as you slowly read and reread each line. I can honestly say there is nothing like seeing your name published on the front cover of your book.”

D.C. Donohue is the author of A Glimpse from Christmas Past.

Tanya Bourton

“I like the fact that at every stage of the process I was in control. I was able to decide how far to edit the book, right through to designing the cover.”

Tanya Bourton is the author of The Plight of Nimara.

Mary Beth Gaertner

“My favorite part of the self-publishing experience was seeing my book cover for the first time! I was reduced to tears to see it actually come to a reality.”

Mary Beth Gaertner is the author of Way to Go.

Bobby A. Boudreau

“Being an AuthorHouse author has been a good experience and it is very rewarding to have my two books in print, allowing me to fulfill my dreams. It was a wonderful thing to be so included in the processing of my books, from choosing my own covers and insert pictures to naming my own prices. The marketing department also has a lot to offer. I am truly thankful!”

Bobby A. Boudreau is the author of Messages For Mankind.

Robert L. Stevens

“The AuthorHouse staff reviewed, made editorial suggestions, and provided marketing strategies in an incredibly short amount of time. I have great confidence in the folks at AuthorHouse.”

Robert L. Stevens is the author of Master Robert.