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Free Publishing Guide

The AuthorCentricsm Process

Step 1

Complete and Sign AuthorHouse Contract

You’ll begin the book publishing process by speaking with a Publishing Consultant to discuss your project goals. From copy editing to promotional press releases, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production and promotion of your self-published book.

Step 2

Submit Your Materials

Once you have completed an AuthorHouse contract, you will submit your materials for self-publishing. A Check-in Coordinator will contact you two to three business days after you sign your contract to discuss where and in what format to send your materials. Your CIC will work with you directly until we have all the materials we need to create the initial copy of your cover and galley. Your CIC will also send you a Submission Information Form where you will indicate any specifications you have for the design of your cover and interior.

Step 3

Review Initial Book Cover & Interior Design

After the Check-in Coordinator has received all of your materials, he or she will assign your book to a Design Team and the design process for your cover and galley will begin. Within 10 to 15 business days (two to three business days for Rapid Release customers), you will receive the completed initial cover and galley.

Step 4

Participate in Review Call with Your Publishing Services Associate

After sending your cover and galley for review, your Publishing Services Associate will call you within two to three business days to discuss any changes (if any) you want made to the design of your book. If more in-depth conversation is needed, a time will be set up for you to discuss your concerns with your Cover Designer or Book Designer in more detail.

Step 5

Approve Your Cover and Galley

When the layout of your book is complete and you’re comfortable with how everything looks, you will approve your cover and interior galley. Before your book is sent to the printer, your royalty percentage and selling price will be discussed with you.

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