Top-Notch Editorial

An important step in making your book the best that it can be is ensuring its editorial quality. Making sure that the book is grammatically sound and the content flows clearly is vital if you want your book to succeed in the competitive marketplace. Our editorial staff is ready to help you guarantee your book’s quality.

Who You Will Meet

Joel Pierson is AuthorHouse’s Editorial Customer Service Coordinator. When authors have questions or concerns about their edited manuscripts, Joel brings his years of editing experience to the table and helps explain why a sentence was edited the way it was, or what the editor was trying to accomplish in a given passage. And when the occasional dispute arises, authors have a contact person in the department who will listen to their concerns, look at both sides of the situation, and offer a fair solution.

Lisa Frankowski works as AuthorHouse’s Editorial Customer Service Associate. Lisa is the front line of communication for authors who have questions or concerns regarding the editorial process, the status of their manuscripts throughout editing, or the services they have received. Lisa works with authors to ensure that they are satisfied with their editorial experience and feel confident in moving their books forward into production.

Zack DePew, Editorial Services Coordinator for AuthorHouse, ensures that editing is performed as needed and transmits documents between authors and editors. He also reviews edited materials to assure that they meet AuthorHouse’s high quality standards.

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 Editorial Team

Joel Pierson, Customer Service Coordinator