Our Skillful Cover Designers

The cover of your book is critical to the success of your book in the marketplace. The cover designer's job is to capture the look and feel of your subject matter and to sum it up as succinctly as possible using visual images.

Expectations and the role of the designer:

  • The first step is yours. As you wrote your book, certain key images likely stuck out in your mind. A central theme, a specific defining event, even a particular location. During the submission process, you will be asked for these ideas.
  • Using years of design experience, our team puts your specific requests into the mix with their own ideas on how to make your cover the most appropriate, marketable one possible.
  • You will then review your cover. The first time you review the cover, you're seeing our interpretation of what you requested. Often it will be well beyond what you expected. If something about the cover design isn't to your liking, we'll be pleased to change it. In fact, the first round of cover revisions are free.

This process will lead to a unique cover that conveys the main points of your book.  Your cover is the first thing your potential readers will see and our Cover Designers are commited to making sure your book stands out and looks professional.

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Cover Designers 

“Our team has the experience to know what sells and what doesn't in a particular genre. The entire design team is dedicated to your satisfaction. We understand that it is your book and your dream that we're helping to fulfill,” Lauren Allen, Cover Design Manager