Our Publishing Services Associates

The design of the interior and cover of the book are critical to making your book appear professional and helping it compete in the marketplace. AuthorHouse’s Publishing Services Associates are ready to answer any questions that may come up during production and make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed.

What Your Publishing Services Associate Will Do for You

Your Publishing Services Associate is the main contact for you to discuss any aspect of the production process. Your Publishing Services Associate will communicate with you through phone or email to accommodate what is easier for you

Your Publishing Services Associate Will:

  • Listen to your ideas and provide suggestions on how the cover and/or interior of your book should be designed
  • Provide information on how to send material for changes to any part of the book
  • Inform you when designers are waiting on additional material
  • Instruct authors on what the next steps in the production process are
  • Review all material that is designed to ensure that the ideas that you conveyed come across in the material designers have created before it is sent to you
  • Make sure all your materials are in order before they’re sent to the printer

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