Author Turns Passion for Poetry into a Published Novel

Ronnie Carroll has been interested in words since the age of four. Her love for language and poetry, combined with her experience abroad and in many Native American reservations, led her to write All That I Am. Faced with difficulty publishing, Carroll found that self-publishing helped her achieve her dream.

Ronnie Carroll has always had a passion for the written word. At the age of four, she was introduced to what she felt was a magic book—a dictionary—that held every word she could imagine and gave her the knowledge that words held power. As she learned to draw letters and string words together, she began using poetry as a way to express herself.

“Writing has been my life, my love, my passion,” she said. “I think I was born with it.”

Carroll’s love for words eventually led her to write the novel All That I Am. A song by ABBA inspired two characters who, Carroll says, wrote her book for her.

“I like to explain that I merely watched what they did, listened to what they said, and chronicled the events,” she said.

She knew she had written a compelling novel and had enough faith in herself to show it to the public. However, once Carroll finished the book, she was faced with the struggle of publishing.

“Every bit of advice only generated more questions and confusion,” Carroll said.

Once she decided to publish with AuthorHouse, the confusion disappeared.

“AuthorHouse guided me literally through every step of the publishing process,” she said. “Any and every question I had, AuthorHouse was able to answer and they did it promptly, professionally, and courteously. Their patience and cooperation with me and their support were tireless. Do I recommend AuthorHouse? Absolutely.”

Carroll utilized some of the many marketing services AuthorHouse has to offer, including the Marketing Kit, Book Signing Kit, Professional Website Setup, and Book Sellers Return Program, which she highly recommends. “I’m still having a positive experience with AuthorHouse,” Carroll said. “Once my book was published, AuthorHouse did not drop me and leave me hanging.”

Now that Carroll has successfully published a book, she has recognized positive changes in her life.

“I have greater pride in myself, knowing that I’m among the relatively few who are actively pursuing their dream—and attaining it.”

To others who wish to attain their dream, Carroll has essential advice. Besides the fundamental rules “write what you know” and “show, don’t tell,” Carroll advises, “The best way to become a writer is to pick up your pen and start writing.”

Ronnie Carroll Case Study